Crewed Charter (All You Need to Know)

Crewed Charter (Everything You Need to Know) Feature

What Is a Crewed Charter? 

A crewed charter is the single most luxurious way to enjoy your vacation. Hiring a crewed charter yacht means that you are the VIP. This type of boating holiday gives you access to unique benefits which simply cannot be experienced on other types of holiday. 

Crewed Charter Vs. Skippered Charter

A fully-staffed charter and a skippered charter offer completely different experiences. While a crewed charter offers the ultimate in luxury and relaxation, a skippered yacht is more demanding of the guests. Skippered charters typically only include the services of a captain, whereas a staffed charter includes the services of a full complement of yachting professionals.

Every single aspect of your comfort is accounted for on a crewed charter, from food and beverages, to linen and cleanliness.
Every single aspect of your comfort is accounted for on a crewed charter, from food and beverages, to linen and cleanliness.

Top 4 Staffed Charter Benefits

  • Ultimate Relaxation

This type of charter gives you unadulterated relaxation. With the captain at the helm, and gourmet chef in the kitchen, and staff taking care of every duty, there’s nothing for you to do but enjoy yourself. With complete peace of mind, you’ll be able to unwind without a worry in the world. 

  • Safety

Experienced seafarers know how to keep you and your loved ones safe during your yachting vacation. Crew are able to determine if waters are safe for swimming or water sport activities like jet skiing. You can rest assured that your safety is taken care of during this type of charter charter. 

  • Expert Knowledge

Veteran crews use their intimate knowledge of the Western Mediterranean to enhance your holiday experience. They can provide recommendations for secret coves, hidden hideaways and even on-shore activities to make your vacation as memorable as possible. Your vacation can be perfectly tailored to your desires.

  • Complete Freedom

The variety of locations accessible when the charter is helmed by an experienced crew is simply unbeatable. You can wake up to new scenery and see new sites every single day if you wish. And if you want something different, the crew will accommodate your wishes. Choose as you wish, then sit back with a cocktail and see the sunset on new horizons.

A crewed charter makes it easier than ever to discover new horizons in total luxury.

The ORSO3 Crew

A crewed charter aboard the ORSO3 means you will be served by a selection of truly stellar staff. Our handpicked crew complement of 7 includes Captain, Chef, Chief Stewardess, Second Stewardess, First Mate, Engineer, and Deck Stewardess.

Orso3 - Mediterranean Charter Yacht