oORSO3 Mediterranean Charter Yacht


A superyacht charter on the Mediterranean is an unforgettable experience. The ORSO3, our private yacht charter on the Mediterranean, will give you unrivalled access to the hottest destinations in Spain and France.

French Riviera

A yacht charter on the French Riviera is the best Mediterranean holiday for people who love blue waters, sunny days, and adventure. A day yachting on the coast of Nice in the East of France will put you close enough to kiss Italy. From there, cruise further along the Cote d’Azur past Antibes, towards Marseilles, and St Tropez along the way. See the French Riviera from a new perspective in the lap of luxury.

Spain & The Balearic Islands

Sun soaked relaxation and the best party destinations await on a private yacht charter in the Balearic sea. Spain is home to ancient tradition and regional diversity unexplored by less seasoned travellers. Revel in Ibiza, bask in Barcelona, and make the most of your private yacht charter in Mallorca. Discover deep history and unrivalled comfort in Spain.

Skippered yacht vacations aboard the ORSO3 means you can just relax and soak in the scenery. Go see the West Mediterranean like you’ve never seen it before.

Join the ORSO3 crew on a yacht charter holiday on the French Riviera, Spain & the Balearic Islands. Get a quote now.

Orso3 - Mediterranean Charter Yacht