The prices of a vacation on a chartered motor yacht varies depending on season, duration of holiday, number of guests and current fuel prices. For an accurate figure, please request a quote.

Chartering a yacht in the Western Mediterranean is very easy. Simply click on the “BOOK NOW” page in the navigation bar above and enter your details.

How much to tip the yacht crew should depend on the level of excellence they demonstrate when serving your every need. As a rule of thumb, tipping between 5% and 20% of the yacht charter price is advisable.

All charter cruises on the ORSO3 are all-inclusive. That means you’ll have access to the full complement of 7 crew members including skipper, stewards, and chef. But all-inclusive yacht charters don’t end at crew. This type of charter includes catered meals, beverages and access to all of the extras aboard the ORSO3 like jet ski, and motor boat. When we say “all-inclusive”, we mean it.

The definition of a superyacht varies depending on who you ask. Many people cite the length of the yacht as a determining factor but the level of luxury is an important factor as well. A superyacht is a luxury vessel, professionally crewed ranging from 24 meters in length.

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